Tuesday 4th April @ Wanaka Festival of Colour, 5.00 and 7.30pm





We are looking for singers from 6 - 99 years of age, from all corners of the region. Confident singers and first-timers welcome!


If you are interested in performing contact singittomyface@gmail.com




Tuesday 4th April - 5.00pm

Tuesday 4th April - 7.30pm



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Festival of Colour


Sing It To My Face is an inter-generational music theatre project featuring volunteer local singers. Four different generational choirs will let each other know how they really feel about society in a stylised, theatrical performance of a fully scored choral arrangement.


The show premiered at Wellington Cathedral in 2014, toured to the Wairarapa and Nelson, and now is heading to Wanaka for the Festival of Colour 2017!


To build the new libretto we're asking Wanaka locals for their opinions about different generations in our society. Grouping our population into three very broad categories - under 30, 30-60 and over 60 - we ask you to respond to a short survey.


This text will be collated, edited and re-organised by Jo Randerson (Barbarian Productions), set to music by Julian Raphael (Community Music Junction) and rehearsed and performed by local singers. If you're interested in being a singer in the show, please email singittomyface@gmail.com


We’re undertaking this project as a way to draw out some of the murmured sentiments that different age brackets hold towards each other:


“This is going to be your World soon and there are massive problems to be addressed.”  - over 60 year old



“Whatever we do, you never seem to appreciate us or change your minds about us. Its hopeless trying.” – under 30 year old



“We tried to clean up the mess the baby boomers left us in and we made some fantastic music.” – 30-60 year old